Types of Strength Training

The ability to develop large muscles and strength as fast as possible in one movement is very important in many sports in which all movement occurs relatively quickly (strongman, weight lifting, ski jumping rate, turnover rate jump, long jump rate, sprint etc.). Lets look at some different types of training, to target what we really […]

The Dissimilarities Amongst Speed and Quickness

Several people today confuse speed and quickness, but these are two entirely unique matters. It is really possible to have one without the need of the other, but preferably you’d like to have the two. Quickness is about reacting quickly, changing instructions, and going about a limited distance. Pace, on the other hand, revolves much […]

VO2 What?

In the planet of stamina, it seems that you can not talk about health devoid of talking about VO2 max. Talk to any endurance athlete about it and you will hear epic stories with names like Indurain, LeMond, and Armstrong. Lots of of you having said that, may possibly locate yourselves wondering what exactly VO2 […]