Surge Protectors Will Conserve Your Golf Cart Battery Charger And Your Funds!

I very own a golf cart dealership located in North Florida. We promote and support golf carts, both equally electrical and gas run. At our dealership there are considerably far more electric powered driven golf carts that we maintenance than there are fuel. I would say we see about a hundred electric carts to each individual fuel run in our assistance office. This just isn’t due to the fact fuel autos are so a lot greater and need significantly less servicing.

The motive for the mass distinction is owing to our area. We are in North Florida. Flat without having any hills North Florida. We are also in a State that has been pretty “go green” pleasant. For this reason, not definitely a high demand for gas run golf carts for the not so hilly greens. And right alongside with every single electrical golf cart is the golf cart’s battery charger. We have wander-ins just about every 7 days bringing us these chargers for us to diagnose.

In some cases the charger is just wonderful indicating that there is a trouble on the golf cart which we then timetable for pickup. On the other hand, the majority of the time the original plug in test suggests some type of failure with the battery charger. There is a very superior prospect that the electric power surge demon attacked the battery charger. We reside in an place of North Florida that has more than our honest share of electrical electricity surges. And if which is not lousy adequate we also encounter a good range of afternoon thunderstorms accompanied by sufficient lightening that would have made Ben Franklin want to are living here!

These energy surges and electrical spikes research and demolish just about any electrical circuit in their path. We when misplaced our microwave, coffee maker (May well Day, May well Working day,… ) transportable telephones, computer and printer all in the exact same afternoon! Certainly I know, we really should have moved! These surge demons have a mission in intellect to search for and ruin, such as golf cart battery chargers. Soon after repairing a customer’s battery charger we question them if they have a surge protector in the circuit that they use for their golf cart’s charger. People, we by now know the answer. Most of them have the darnedest glance on their faces when we motivate them to place a surge protector right before their charger in get to guard it from damaging surges and spikes. They can buy one particular from us or anywhere they choose. But the principle ought to be put into place before another repair price is incurred owing to these electrical demons.

We had a shopper that failed to concur with our tips and paid for his charger fix and went on his way. a pair of months later on he was back again seeking his battery charger warrantied. Folks, the digital regulator board was burnt just as the very first time we fixed his charger. A single of the larger sized demons have to have attacked it and strike so tricky that it basically blew a few of components off of the circuit board.

Soon after exhibit and tell with the fellow and conveying that a electric power surge/spike did the injury once more, he paid out us and went and purchased a surge protector and we have not viewed the man’s charger considering the fact that. I know he purchased one particular for he known as us from 1 of the massive box merchants inquiring about a single of the protectors he was wanting at if it would do the job Okay for his charger. Are living and discover. My mother used to say that some individuals just never learn the straightforward way. They have to be strike two times in advance of they study to duck. In today’s modern society the college of difficult knocks just isn’t struggling from a lack of college students, which is for sure.

I hope I have communicated these principles in a good way that allows us understand the require for a surge protector to be put in in the electric power circuit to the golfing cart’s battery charger. And in performing so you will stop getting to spend for costly repairs induced by the “electrical demons” of electrical power surges and electrical spikes. With the stop consequence of you conserving funds and having greater care of your golf cart. It is for these issues why I publish. I publish for you and your knowing of your golfing cart. Thank you for using the time to study what I have to say. You honor me by doing so. Alright, until eventually following time we meet up with, get out there and get pleasure from your golf cart. Immediately after all, just isn’t that what you acquired it for? MKR

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