Mentally Prime Yourself For (Really) Great Workouts

Why sometimes do you have great workouts – and you know you’ll have a great one as soon as you exit your car to enter your gym? And how do you think your fitness level and physical shape would be impacted if you had more of these type workouts, more of the time? (I already know you sense the kind of progress and improvement you’d enjoy!)

Is there a special “secret” to experiencing these type workouts? Some magic motivational “pill” you can “take” enabling you to become mentally zoned, so you naturally set yourself to express consistent, determined, high energy workout efforts?

Actually, there is. And I’m about to detail a results proven, workout excellence pre-priming strategy you can use to incite peak effort and drive, each time you train.

My name is Pete Siegel, and I’m the country’s foremost sports and peak performance hypnotherapist. For 27 years now, I’ve worked with professional athletes, and powerhouses in business and entertainment on their mental game — helping them to program subconscious frameworks which move them, time and again, to generate maximum impact performance and results. (Feel free to review my voluminous high profile client list at [].)

And as a prolific, well published personal development author, I’ve detailed numerous pre-workout success priming strategies in my books and magazine articles for years now. So let me give you a solid, easy to apply process you can use to start making workout consistency, peak training effort – and decisive improvement – your personal standard:

A.) Isolating And Connecting With A Mega-Workout Memory

After you’ve parked and have turned your car off, before you exit your vehicle to enter your gym, gently let your eyelids close down, and inhale a long, deep breath in through your nostrils. Then, s-l-o-w-l-y exhale through your mouth. Next, recall the very last workout where you knew, sensed, and thoroughly felt you’d have a great workout…even before you entered your gym. There was an uplifting sense of drive in your heart, and an eager passion was streaming through you – moving you to take motivated action and succeed. (And, you then did have an amazing, total success effort workout!)

Once this memory becomes specific and clear, mentally step into the picture, and into your body. And then, let yourself think, feel, and breathe exactly the way you did during this specific time of “eager passion streaming”.

Go ahead and really think what you thought, feel what you felt, and breathe exactly the way you breathed. And while you’re thinking, feeling, and breathing this way — choose one word that you feel represents you as this “eager passion streaming”, and mentally, silently exclaim it three consecutive times. (i.e.,”Force”, “Power”, “Confidence”, “Drive”, etc.)

B.) Pre-Programming Workout Behaviors Of Excellence

Now, I want you to imaginatively experience yourself as the full embodiment of this “eager passion streaming” performing one full set of an exercise you’ll be performing during your workout.

You’re not just “visualizing” here — you’re purposefully engaging the exercise, and using the weight (or the movement) to directly work the muscle(s) you’re training through the full range of motion. (Decide which exercise, or cardio movement, you’ll mentally perform.)

Next, mentally exclaim your key word. Then, imaginatively engage your (weight, machine, or cardio) set…f-e-e-l-i-n-g yourself mentally locked-in, determined, and totally working the body part you’re training during each rep of the entire set. If you’re envisioning a cardio movement (i.e. Stairmaster, treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer, etc.) clearly imagine about 45 seconds of yourself generating focused, thoroughly resolved effort.

C.) Linking Your Peak Success Outcome

Having completed phase B.), now shift your awareness so you’re envisioning checking your body out in one of the gym mirrors. And I want you to clearly experience your body specifically reflecting the shape, detail and proportion you’re gearing all your workout efforts toward producing. Yes; mentally experience yourself possessing and reflecting your desired end result…as if this specific physical shape, detail and proportion is your actualized fact, right now!

And as you’re clearly envisioning yourself reflecting this peak, vital physical shape, say to yourself (and mean it), “Yeah – this is what my efforts today naturally compel me to bring forth; creating this physical shape totally ignites my determination – and my full commitment to succeed – Right Now!”

D.) Re-Acclimate, And Then Go For It

Now, slowly let your eyelids open, inhale deeply, grab your gym bag…and go!

After performing it a few times, this entire A-D process should take you 3-4 total minutes, hardly a high price to pay for moving yourself toward peak motivated effort, workout after workout. Each time you use this A-D strategy as outlined, it will become steadily easier for you to perform, and your results will be ever more profound!

One last note, be sure you thoroughly, properly warm up before engaging any workout; make this a rule of thumb. And I also encourage you to mentally exclaim your chosen key word before you perform each individual set of your workout. This will serve to reinforce a connection between purpose, mission, personal triumph, and your workout efforts.

Ok, there you have it. Don’t just “hope” you have a quality, motivated workout; do something to ensure it. And through applying the strategy I’ve outlined…you WILL!

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