Advance Ninjutsu Training – Speed Punching in the Ninja’s Self Defense System of Ninpo-Taijutsu

Ninpo-taijutsu, the unarmed combat method of Japan’s ancient Ninja night-warriors, is unlike virtually every other system of hand-to-hand combat that has ever been devised by man. This is not an unbiased opinion from a practitioner – but an assessment based on years of experience on the streets and dealing with real-world attacks from real-world assailants!

This article focuses on the concept of speed-punching from the Ninja’s perspective. After learning this secret lesson from the Ninja’s arsenal, you will understand two very important things. You will understand:

1) How the Ninja thinks differently about the concepts of both speed and punching, and…

2) Why, if you want to be a master of the art of Ninjutsu – if you want to be a real Ninja – you’re going to have to develop the ability to always “think outside the box!”

But, before I go into the Ninja’s idea of speed-punching, let’s take a look at the conventional concept for doing it. Okay?

So, when you think about punching with speed, what comes to mind?

I’m betting that it has something to do with using muscle and the quick extension and flexing of the parts of your arm to get the fist to the target as quickly as possible. Right?

And, that would be the way most fighters, regardless of the system, think about it too.

But, the problem with this is that, the more time that it takes for the fist to travel through space, the more likelihood that either:

1) Your opponent will see it and defend against it, or…

2) The distance will diminish the power of your strike by the time it gets to the target.

Now, don’t get me wrong. These are VERY powerful punches. However…

…the true Ninja knows that there is a HUGE difference between powerful and “effective.”

So, how does a Ninja throw a “speed-punch?”

The truth is that nearly ALL punches within the art of Ninjutsu are “speed punches.” They’re just not like the one I outlined above.

No. The Ninja, always thinking about the laws of nature and choosing to take a scientific approach, knows that…

Distance = Time

What that means is that, regardless of how quickly you can move your body parts, the distance between where the fists starts, and how far it has to travel to impact the target, effects the overall “speed” of that particular punch.

So, the Ninja controls the distance, not the speed at which the arm is required to move!

In fact, when you understand this concept, and the principle in action, you will actually be able to move slowly and yet, with proper timing, you’re attacker will never see the punch! By positioning the fist as close to the target BEFORE you deliver the punch, actually does more to create a faster punch, than trying to punch from the conventional starting position used by most fighters.

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